Chosing your knife


Size of the Knife

The size of a folding knife is the size of the handle in centimeters. 9cm for the Navette ; 11cm or 12cm for Laguiole and 13cm for the Vicomte. The size has an influence on the grip and the weight of the knife. The corkscrew on the Laguiole is offered in 12cm dimension.

Types of Steels

The choice of steel depends on who is using the knife. The Damascus is a prestigious material as it takes long sessions to forge it. Cutlery amateurs often like carbon blades as it is a traditional form of steel which oxidise over time. Stainless steel is robust and convenient. It is ideal for an everyday use.

Handle Material

We offer a selection of 4 categories of materials: vegetable (precious wood), animals (bones, horns and mammoth ivory), mineral (meteorites) and synthetic (carbon fiber, acetate). We offer a selection of 25 different materials. Depending on sourcing opportunities, we regularly suggest other materials.