Frequently Asked Questions

How long does take to handcraft and to ship a knife?

Models in stock, presented in our Showroom are shipped within 48 hours. Models which are ordered through the Configurator are manufactured within an average delay of 10 working days. Upon receipt of your order, we send a confirmation email indicating the estimated production time.

How long does it take to manufacture a made-to-measure piece?

Made-to-measure models in stock, presented in the bespoke section of the Showroom are shipped within 48 hours. The requests received thorugh the bespoke section of the Manufacture are by nature very diverse and non standard. They might range from simple laser engraving of the blade to the manufacturing of a series of exclusive pieces, typicially for a restaurant or a specific event. We review and assess each request. Feasibility, price and delay are unique to each project and communicated by email.

Is the Navette an original design?

Yes. The Navette has been created and developed by Renaud Aubry. Inspired by the elegance of Nogent cutlery, a city in the eastern part of France, the Navette is a classic folding knive with a pure and fresh design. Its 9cm blade makes it a thin and agile model. The Navettes are available in a wide range of materials.

Is the Vicomte an original design?

Yes. The Vicomte has been created and developed by Renaud Aubry. It is derived from the Navette. Its 12cm blade makes it a massive though elegant piece of cutlery.

What is a genuine Laguiole?

The Laguiole is the star of the French folding knives. This traditional knife appeared in the early 19th century. Its name comes from a village of Aubrac, a rural region of the Massif Central. Laguiole is not a registered brand. The city of Thiers, in Auvergne, gathers the best of the French cutlery know how. It has always been the main place of production for the Laguiole. In Thiers sits the expertise perpetuated by Artisan Coutelier.

What differentiates an “Artisan Coutelier” Laguiole from another Laguiole?

Laguioles can be found in many shops with very different quality and prices. “Artisan Coutelier” clearly sits on top of the scale from a quality perspective. Our production is truly artisanal and high-end. We only use quality materials. Blades and springs are forged steel. Decorations are handmade. Our knives shaped and adjusted by one single expert cutler. The result is visible to the naked eye and to the touch: our laguioles are beautiful.

Some materials are not available on the Configurator . Why?

The Showroom displays all the materials that we are able to handcraft. Some materials, such as burl box, coral or mother-of-pearl, have an irregular supply and are not available as a standard on the Configurator. If you want us to handcrafted such materials, please contact us. Other materials such as genuine tortoise shell and elephant ivory are protected by  the Washington Convention. 

What makes the Artisan Coutelier Configurator a unique one?

Our knife configurator is unique. It is the most complete and accurate. Artisan Coutelier offers you a true customization module which allows you to fully configure your knife, to view it in multiple views, and to trigger the handcrafting once it is ordered.

Why is there a limited number of pieces in stock, and few models? 

Our production capacity is limited. We mainly work upon demand, according to customer requests . That is why we have few pieces in stock. Our knife range is currently limited to few models: our product offer will grow over time.

How can I be informed of your news?

Visit our website on a regularly basis and follow us on social networks, Twitter and Facebook to be stay tuned. You will be informed on new releases, pieces in stock and specific supply of materials.

Are shipping fees included in the price of the knife ?

Yes. In France, the shipping fees are offered above 50€: there is no additional cost added to the price of the knife. For deliveries outside of France , we slightly increase the price to reflect the carriers overcharge.