Use & Maintenance

Sharpening of the blade

The blade of your knife may be sharpened on a regular basis with a sharpening stone. The bottom of the blade should be positioned with an angle on the stone. With a bottom to top move, the blade is sharpened from one side to other. The sharpening stone should be moistened in the first place with a bit of water. 

Taking care of the handle

It is preferable to wipe the knife with a chamois leather rather than washing it with water. Natural plant and animal materials are alive and react to humidity and temperature variations. The use of a dish-washer is prohibited. Woods, horns, bones and ivory can be regurlarly fed with oil to keep their shine. Synthetic materials and kitchen knives can be washed in hot water. 

Taking care of the blade

After each use, the blade should be washed with a wet sponge and wiped with a soft cloth. Carbon steels oxidize naturally and fear the humidity. The knives-opening mechanism can be lubricated with oil regularly. 


Our knives can be fully repaired. Blade, handle, spring or corkscrew: each constituent part of the knife can be repaired or changed if necessary.