Artisan Coutelier is a French knife maker. We manufacture premium handcrafted pieces of cutlery. Our knives are entirely handmade. Our ambition is to promote fine cutlery and to bring a fresh look and new ideas to the tableware universe. We offer a strict selection of elegant design and timeless pieces.

Artisan Coutelier offers a unique configuration module for its folding knives: the Laguiole, the Navette and the Vicomte. The Configurator allows to fully customising your own handcrafted knife by choosing between wide ranges of options. Your piece of cutlery is manufactured on demand, according to your specifications.

Artisan Coutelier is a project initiated by a young and talented French cutler, Renaud Aubry, in association with one of his friends, who is an amateur of haute coutellerie.

Artisan Coutelier is based in Auvergne, close to the city Thiers, which has been the french cutlery cpaital over isx centireus.  Artisan Coutelier is at the heart of the knife-making tradition. It benefits from the most established cutlery know-how.

Our Collections will expand over time: come and visit our website regularly to discover our creations. Follow our news on our Blog, Facebook and Twitter: you will be the first to know what's going on at Artisan Coutelier.