Our Commitments


Unique and handmade

Artisan Coutelier offers a traditional high-end crafted cutlery. All our pieces are handmade from A to Z, in the same place in Auvergne (France), by one single knife make. The craftsman is responsible for the model which bears his initials.

The highest level of Quality

We bring special attention to the quality of the materials that constitute our pieces of cutlery. We chose and use the best materials, should it be steels whether it is steels, woods, animal or mineral materials. We provide a wide range of choice and we are try to buy the finest materials, in compliance with the applicable laws.

An established know-how

Artisan Coutelier perpetuates a traditional know-how based on ancient techniques. We master forging, engraving, assembling and polishing techniques. Our craftsmen cover all manufacturing stages of the piece of cutlery they are taking care of.

Local and Handmade

Because it is mainly driven by manual processes, our production capacity is naturally limited. Pursuing excellence, we make no compromise regarding the quality of our supplies. With the exception of the handle materials, coming from all over the world, all the knife components come from high-end local production.


Fair and Transparent Prices

Our prices are clear and transparent. Each option results in a price. In our Manufacture, the price of each of your choices is clearly displayed, as you go through the configuration steps. A detailed quote is communicated in relation to requests for bespoke knives.

Compliance with International Regulations

We do not sell cutlery pieces that are composed of regulated materials as stated by the Washington Convention such as elephant ivory or natural tortoise shell. Mammoth ivory and tortoise shell acetate are not subject to such restrictions and are offered as an alternative.

Lifetime Warranty

Because we make high quality and solid products, we offer the free sharpening of the blade and a lifetime guarantee against any abnormal issue. In case a problem occurs during the normal day-to-day use of your knife, return it to our Manufacture. We will repair your knife so that it looks like it is brand new.